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mitablock 450

Lay flat technology (hot melt)

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mitablock 450 - automatic hot melt section gluing machine

There is a constantly growing demand for lay flat bound books, as the image of two adjacent-pages are not interrupted in the fold area. The mitablock 450 is a very compact, fully automatic machine for the production of albums, photobooks and promotional books in small quantities. The machine easily handles all substrates like silver halide paper, digital and offset papers.

This technology is a Chinese development and patent protected in USA, EU and China. The mitablock 450 is manufactured to Photobook Technology specifications and standards. The machine carries out four operations in one passage. The one side printed sheets are fed singly into the machine from the feed magazine and are then being scored and folded. Then, a roller gluing system applies a very thin layer of pressure sensitive hot melt. At the final step, the glued sheets are attached to each other in perfect register to complete the finished lay flat book block.

An important component of the machine is the integrated board feeder. This offers the possibility to place up to four boards between the folded sections. The cardboard inserts can be of different color.

This unique binding process results in a very strong, stable book block and is very appealing for the viewer, due to the uninterrupted, panorama image, over two adjacent pages. This technology is used today primarily with manufacturers of photo books, but is becoming also increasingly popular for the graphic design of high quality catalogs and presentations of new products and projects. This binding process is becoming a popular tool for digital printers and book manufacturers to enter new markets with higher added value.

Special features

1 mitablock 450
- Small floor space required
- Simple to operate
- Hot melt glue application
- Min. adhesive consumption
- Integrated board feeder
- Data input via touchscreen
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Technical specifications

3 mitablock 450
Production speed:     up to 420 section/hour with cardboard
                                 up to 600 section/hour without cardboard
Open sheet size:       min. 152 mm x 305 mm (5 63/64 x 12 1/64 inches)
                                 max. 460 mm x 920 mm (18 7/64 x 36 7/32 inches)
Folded sheet size:     min. 152 mm x 152 mm (5 63/64 x 5 63/64 inches)
                                 max. 460 x 460 mm (18 7/64 x 18 7/64 inches)
Paper thickness:       min. 0,15 mm - max. 0,3 mm
Board thickness:       min. 0,35 mm - max. 1 mm
Electrics:                   220V 50 Hz
Floor space:              2,30 m (L) x 0,9 m (W)
Weight:                     ca. 650 kg (1433 lbs)

Technical specifications are subject to change without notice




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