Three-side trimming

mitatrim - automatic trimming

The mitatrim is the machine for the automated trimming of perfect-bound or saddle-stitched products. Unlike the three-knife trimmer the mitatrim, according to its name, is equipped with only one knife. The machine is operated via an ergonomically positioned 18.5’’ touch screen display. Recurrent cutting sequences can be stored and adapted at any time. The set up time is reduced to nearly zero.

Caratteristiche principali

  • Automated cutting of brochures
  • Variable size options from product to product
  • Cutting unit – easily accessible enabling a swift and simple knife change
  • Minimum maintenance required due to the use of innovative materials
  • Large integrated 18,5“ touch-screen display
  • Operator guidance in different language packages
  • Menu driven programming by entering block size untrimmed and trimmed, offset top trim if necessary, book thickness and number of products cut simultaneously

Specifiche tecniche

Copia singola 220 libri/ora
Tagli multipli (max 3): 520 libri/ora

Formato intonso
min. 120 x 152 mm
max. 305 x 330 mm

Formato tagliato
min. 105 x 148 mm
max. 297 x 325 mm

Taglio testa
min. 2 mm
max. 100 mm

Taglio frontale
min. 2 mm
max. 100 mm

Taglio piede
min. 2 mm
max. 100 mm

Spessore di taglio
min. 3 mm
max. 51 mm

Altezza pila alimentazione
max. 550 mm

Altezza pila uscita
max. 550 mm

Pressione pinza
min. 200 daN
max. 600 daN

Impianto elettrico
1.8 kW, 400 V, 3 PNE, 50 Hz

Aria compressa
380 Nl/min. (6 o 8 bar)

Dimensioni di ingombro
1,83 m x 2,22 m x H 1,65 m

Peso netto
1‘200 kg

Le specifiche tecniche sono soggette a modifiche senza preavviso.

Specifiche tecniche

Le specifiche tecniche sono soggette a modifiche senza preavviso.


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